La Roche Noire Technology made it! So can you

Sponsorship Oct 21, 2021

Martenet Volatus is proud to announce their first partner:

La Roche Noire Technology, based in Onet-le-Château, Occitanie, France
La Roche Noire Techology has an experience of industry to draw from, we use all the knowledge we have acquired in the field of electronics to make our products safe and robust. We work in particular in the following sectors of activity Automotive Defense Aerospace La Roche Noire Technology is also present in the field of RF engineering.
We offer our electronic design services covering all stages of development, from idea to final product.

The founder of La Roche Noire Technology share strong interest in the mission and the development of our solution for Urban Air Mobility (UAM). Their precious help will be key to realising our concept.

In return, Martenet Volatus will belong to the very first UAM company on their portfolio. We hope that La Roche Noire Technology will enable many entrepreneurs in Europe to pursue on their path.

Check out their website here: La Roche Noire Technology (

If you would like to join or support Martenet Volatus, please enquire us to the following e-mail address:


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